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Tips for keeping your cigars fresh

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

How to Keep Cigars Fresh using a Cigar Humidor

At Cigar Cutter Expert we strongly encourage you to invest in one of the best cigar humidors, in order to keep your cigars super fresh. Cigar humidors do not cost much these days and perform the most effective job of not only keeping your cigars fresh, but also enhancing their aroma and taste (flavour). This is what makes it the first choice for storage, as recommended by cigar makers and aficionados, worldwide.

Cigar humidors have been around for over a hundred years. Starting out as a wooden box with a hinge, humidors have evolved into more sophisticated devices. Some are created as works of art and used as a decorative item in homes and offices. Today, cigar humidors are comprised of three components: humidor cabinet (box), humidifier and hygrometer.

How to Keep Cigars Fresh without a Cigar Humidor

As a short term solution, there are a few ways to keep cigars fresh without a cigar humidor – especially if on holiday or travelling.

Let’s start with disposable, zip-lock bags. These disposable bags can be used to keep your valuable cigars safe and fresh.

They come with a zip lock that helps in sealing the bags after you put your cigars in them. Do not forget to place a damp napkin (distilled water) inside before you seal the bags.

Then there’s the jar method. Find an empty clean jar and fill it about a quarter way with distilled water and then put some sponge in it, to soak it up.

Cover the sponge with a piece of plastic and then put your cigars in the jar, ensuring there is no water contact. You can now place the jar in a refrigerator and keep your cigars fresh for up to 10 days.

Apart from these methods, you can use a mason jar with moisture beads to keep your cigars fresh. Just fill the mason jar with some distilled water and moisture beads and you have your own homemade humidor to store your cigars for a few days, at least.

As we mentioned earlier, cigar makers and aficionados strongly recommend the use of a cigar humidor, as the best way of keeping your cigars fresh. Created specifically to provide your cigars with the optimal humidity level and temperature, a cigar humidor ensures quality and consistency by retaining their freshness and aroma.

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