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Cigar etiquette

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Avoid Stubbing Out a Cigar

When you’re finished smoking, avoid stubbing out your cigar. This is one of the most common cigar smoking rules that most cigar smokers follow. Instead, when you’re finished smoking, simply lay it down in the ashtray and allow it to go out by itself. When you smash the nub of the cigar like a cigarette many fellow smokers find this vulgar since it can release a very unpleasant odor.

Never Smoke in the Humidor

If you’re at a smoking lounge, then your first stop will probably be their walk-in humidor. These humidors are carefully controlled. By lighting your cigar in the walk-in humidor, right after you’ve purchased it, you’re being disrespectful since the smell of your cigar can negatively impact the cigars on the shelf. Never light up in a humidor, instead, wait until you’re seated.

Lighting Someone’s Cigar

Lighting someone’s cigarette is much different than lighting someone’s cigar. When you light another person’s cigarette, you’re being helpful and even courteous, but cigar smoking is very different. Never light another person’s cigar. Lighting and cutting a cigar is a very personal thing and most smokers have a preferred way of lighting their cigars.

Respect A Fellow Smoker’s Choice in Cigars

Everyone’s taste is different. Don’t speak down to someone or laugh at them for their choice in cigars. Just smoke what you like and don’t compare the cigars you smoke to the cigars that your friends are smoking.


Never use another person’s cutter if the cigar has already been in your mouth. It’s not sanitary and you’ll only come off as rude if another person has seen the cigar in your mouth and you ask to use their cigar cutter.

Clean Up After Yourself

While it’s true that accidents can happen, try to avoid ashing all over the floor and do your best to anticipate when the ashes will drop off. Make sure you gently roll the cigar into the ashtray to prevent getting ashes everywhere. Once your cigar has about an inch of ash at the end, you’ll gently tap it into the ashtray. Some smokers prefer to roll the nub against the wall of the ashtray in order to shape it neatly. Never tap the ashes on the floor. If you’re smoking, make sure you stick close by to an ashtray, or buy a portable ashtray and be responsible for cleaning up after yourself. To learn more, read my article on how to ash a cigar.

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